About Us Helping Independent Restaurant Owners Become Profitable

Our team specializes in helping independent restaurant operators improve the health of their businesses and get to profitability. Our philosophy and method are proven, and our approach is focused on best practices, solid planning and operational techniques, and constant improvement. We build real value for our clients by driving strong revenues, creating operational excellence, and maximizing profitability.

Our commitment is to get clients past ‘just surviving” and get them to thrive. A thriving restaurant is profitable, has a growing customer base, and runs very efficiently for owners, staff and guests. But it all starts with profitability and that’s where we start each engagement.

We are based in Los Angeles and work with clients across both Los Angeles and Orange counties. Our team is lead by Greg McNally, who brings over 20 years of successful experience developing, operating and improving restaurants.

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Greg McNally


Greg McNally, is in every sense of the word, a restaurateur. He’s passionate about conceiving, funding, developing, operating, expanding, supporting, fixing, selling and of course, eating in restaurants. (More)